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Fabio Aru talks to his fans online

Right before the start of the Tour we launched a question contest for all the fans willing to interview the Astana Pro Team leader Fabio Aru. You may read below the text originally published on the team's Facebok page, composed of 21 questions chosen by Fabio and his answers to them.

David Mc Ginley Elijah (age 11): "Hi Fabio, I love your racing style, especially your fearless descents! What advice would you give to your 11 year old self?" p.s. good luck in the Tour 2016!!!

Fabio Aru: Thanks for your message Elijah! My advise to you is to never stop to have fun on your bike and ride it safely on the descents, with time and passion you will become a very good rider!

Vladimir Bondarenko: Fabio, hats off to you for your excellent form and a naturally positive frame of mind! What do you think about riders over 40 and 50 who still put in thousands and thousands of kilometers into their legs and continue to race?

Fabio Aru: No doubt, sport has a clear positive effect on a person's health, so, if you are healthy enough, you can train and race no matter how old you are.

Nico Liulin: Ciao Fabio!!! What do you like what you don't about the behavior of your fans? Do you read negative comments on the Internet? If you do, what is your reaction to them?

Fabio Aru: Well, I think everybody has a right to express his or her opinion. Anyway, I respect all my fans.

Massimiliano Colageo: Who are going to dedicate your first Tour de France stage win to? AIOOOOO..!!! (a Sardinian exression of cheering, Astana Pro Team explanation ,-)

Fabio Aru: Everything in good order: I need to win first, then to decide about dedicating the win to someone...

Diana Fahretdinova: Hello Fabio! What is your training plan during the last week before a grand tour? Good luck at Le Tour de France!

Fabio Aru: Hello Diana, last week before a grand tour is so important for the rest, normally the bigger part of the training has been done and I have to active recover to shine at the start of the race.

Dmitriy Nanaki: Fabio, say hello to Anriy Grivko from his fans in his native Ukraine. What is beggest sacrifice for the sake of cycling? Do you dream sometimes of some bisquits before going to bed? Wish you good legs!

Fabio Aru: Ciao, Andrey is an excellent teammate, I'll be happy to give him your best regards! It's an open secret that I have a sweet tooth, but, you know, if you are fortunate enough to transform your greatest passion into a job, there is no sacrifice that night be considered too big for that.

Matteo Secci: Ciao Fabio! I simply ask what do you think about cycling in Sardegna and its teams which are gradually growing over these years ! I also ask you if Sardinia should spend more money to repair the roads and to create new spaces for cyclists! Ajo Fabio !

Fabio Aru: I’m really proud of my Sardinia. As everyone knows, unfortunately the roads are not perfect but, to be honest, it is like that in many Italian Regions. I hope that my results in the cycling races alla round the world would help my Sardinia to invest in this fantastic sport.

Oleg Gorshenev: Hello Champion! Could you share with us your way of fighting down the panic that strikes a rider when he feels crisis coming on?

Fabio Aru: The key is a most serious approach to training. It's during hard training rides that you learn to control stress and to deal with any type of crisis. In a few words, you should give it all, that's it.

Serik Mukhtybayev: Your career of a top-class pro rider shaped itself up in Astana Pro team. You've also been to Kazakhstan a couple of times. What is your impression of the home country of the team you ride for?

Fabio Aru: You're right, I've been to Kazakhstan a number of times. Fantastic sceneries and the beauty of Almaty is what strikes me most.

Andrejs Šuļga: Fabio, do you happen to watch cycling on TV from time to time? Do you analyze the performance of the strongest teams and your potential rivals?

Fabio Aru: When I don't race myself, watching cycling is a lot of fun to me. Sure enough, I keep a close eye on the way my main rivals and their teams perform. It's also a great inspiration, you want to show your strength in the coming races.

Francesco Fontana: Ciao Fabio! Over the first couple of years in the professional peloton we saw you making a steady progress in every aspect of cycling: climbing, ITT, recovery, even sprint. Where do you think there is still much room left for improvement? Good luck, Cavaliere dei quattro mori!!!

Fabio Aru: Thank you for you wishes! Basically there is always something to improve in every field, but I think time trial is the discipline where I can take some major steps forward.

Aida Amanova: Ciao Fabio, would you like to cycle on the Moon one day and how do you imagine it?

Fabio Aru: Honestly I’ve never thought about to cycle on moon, I think i twill be difficult to realize.

Guram Navrozashvili: 'What is the most important thing for becoming a good climber... and which hill is for you the hardest to climb - short and steep or long and not-so-steep ?

Fabio Aru: Thank you Guram, I prefer long and steep climbs. I can improve on the short ones.

Titas Musteika: Hello Fabio. I just want to ask you about Tdf. When the Tdf is going like hell, and when is going like paradise?

Fabio Aru: I’m starting to know the TDF and I have to say that you never know when it is going like hell and when like paradise. Let’s do some more experiences to give you a proper answer.

Dimitriy Sorokin: What are going to do on the first post-Tour Monday?

Fabio Aru: First I'll just relax and sleep to my heart's content. Then we'll dine out somewhere with my fiancee.

Lyuba Smirnova: What significanse do you put into the word “Sardinian”?

Fabio Aru: It means quite a lot for me actually. I really belong to this corner of the Earth.

Gianmario Corda: Do you happen to ride a mountain bike now and then?

Fabio Aru: I still like MTB very much, but since I had focused on the road, it didn't happen that often. The training is all too different.

Yevgeniy Dyo: What's your favorite dish your grandma cooked when you were a child?

Fabio Aru: I like so much the schnitzel that my mum used to prepare for me when I was a kid.

Edoardo Spendolini: This question is likely to seem banal at face's value, but: why bicycle racing?

Fabio Aru: The answer is simple: I like doing it, and I can do it well. As years went by, this passion turned into a job, could I wish for more?

Dima Tiginyan: Fabio, did you have to overcome great obstacles in your career? Like, say, strong opposition of the parents or serious injuries? What is your way of coping with difficulties?

Fabio Aru: I've always enjoyed a full support of my parents, and I'll never stop thanking them for this. I am also lucky not to have had to deal with seriuos health issues. And generally, the stronger the stress factors are, the more motivated I grow to work harder, with more focus. You need to be sure you've done your best, then you'll never have any regrets.

Fernando Biagioni: Ciao Fabio! Coppi or Bartali?

Fabio Aru: Coppi.

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